Rosaura Velasquez, Bright Futures (bilingual) Family Advocate

We have a new face at TCCN! Rosaura Velazquez has joined Guadalupe Scholfield in our First 5 Shasta funded program – Bright Futures. Rosaura is available to offer parent support and education, developmental support for your children and hearing and vision screenings. We are very excited to add her to our team and know she will be a great resource for you and the other parents we serve.

Guadalupe Scholfield, a Bright Futures (bilingual) Family Advocate 

Is the consummate champion for Hispanic families. With more than a decade of experience, she supports parenting, provides valuable activities for children, and assists with translation, immigration issues, employment and housing. Her efforts have had tremendous meaning and value and have changed many lives. There are many Spanish speaking residents who have mastered English thanks to Guadalupe's encouragement and assistance

​How proud we are of the work that Guadalupe does and the important contribution she makes to the community and TCCN.

Meet Our Staff

Cindy Dodds, Founder & Executive Director

Started the Community Center in 1991 with the vision of helping the Intermountain area. It has grown to include many more services that are available to the community. She always has a listening ear and is looking for new ways to advocate on behalf of the underserved. She has been a community activist for many years.

Angel Aagaard

The latest addition to our crew is Angel Aagaard.  Her years of experience are evident in her skilled and warm interactions with our preschools and young school-age children.


Jazmine Graves, After School Teacher

How fortunate we are that Jazmine joined the TCCN team in 2014.  She is a versatile and valued member of our Children’s Program.  She is primarily responsible for our after-school program.  She makes sure that every child has the opportunity to discuss the highlights of their school day, feeds them a healthy snack, allows for time to play and then assists them with their homework.  If you are impressed with our bulletin boards, you are not alone.  Much of the credit goes to Jazmine.

Ashley Nelson, Associate Teacher

Has been an important part of the TCCN team since she arrived in 2014. She soon learned that Early Care and Education was precisely what she should be doing. She quickly enrolled in college and is working towards her bachelor’s degree. She has blossomed into a fantastic preschool teacher and just gets better every day.  Not only does she teach preschoolers, she designs and guides all curriculum.

Denise Luntey, Director of Preschool and School age Care

Joined TCCN in 2003, after having been a volunteer in the Preschool Program.  In 2006 she became the Director of the program.  Denise is a beloved teacher and is also responsible for all of the administrative duties associated with the program.  Denise’s skills and endearing temperament make her a wonderful person to work with and for.  Her commitment to TCCN and to our children is evident in every interaction.

 ​​Laurie Jacobs, Case Manager/ STEPS Instructor

​Helps people with basic employment preparation services such as writing a resume, cover letter, and dressing for success. She produces the "Jobs List" and manages the TCCN Facebook page and website. She oversees the CalWORKs client obligations such as the STEPS class, Supervised job search (SJS), and Work Experience program (WEX), and is the instructor for the $mart about Money and Nutrition class.