Bailey Park

Community members approached our executive director and Board in 2001, to discuss the

possibility of TCCN being the lead agency in establishing a community park. Those conversations

started with parents of children and young adults who were looking for a place to skateboard. The

conversation expanded to families with young children who had no age-appropriate place to gather

and play Parents and teachers at Burney Elementary School requested an area that would

challenge school-age children. Community meetings ensued and an exhaustive period of planning

began. A community park plan was developed and agreed upon by the 300 residents who

participated in the process. A (no-cost) lease agreement with Fall River Joint School District, hundreds hours of volunteer labor, and over $175,000 in grant funding and contributions brought Bailey park to life. Residents began enjoying the skate park, the toddler play area, the school-age fitness course, and a large grassy area in the summer of 2003. While the total park plan has yet to be fully realized (an amphitheatre remaines), what was created was much more than a park. It was an experience that demonstrated to hundreds of residents that we have the (individual and collective) power to change and improve our community.

DUI diversion classes by Cascade Circle

They meet every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m., here at the Community Center. For more info call (530) 222-8302

Support For People with mental illness

TCCN works with Hill Country Health and Wellness Center to provide housing and other support to people with severe mental illness who are enrolled in the Full Service Partner. 

Weekly Money Management & Nutrition Class

​Smart About Money & Nutrition - A two-hour class on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. that will teach you new skills that will help you stretch your dollars, plan for the future and encourage you. 

IMAGE (Intermountain Action Growth & Education)

The Image group meets once every 2 months to discuss pressing matters that directly affect the Intermountain Area. We meet at Gepetto's Pizza at 11:00 with business, community and county program leaders. You are welcomed to come and participate and let your voice be heard. For more information call Laurie Jacobs at (530) 335-4600 or email her at:

AAUW Scholarship
The ever-increasing student debt burden, rising cost of higher education, and ongoing need for education funding is an alarming reality of our times. We know that women earn less than men, even one-year out of college, and thus may have more difficulty than men in paying off their student debt. AAUW’s educational funding for women remains an important element to closing the funding gap for women in higher education.
AAUW branches and states provide funding for local scholarship programs across the U.S. for qualified women students seeking educational funding. Participating branches and states determine their scholarship amounts and eligibility criteria, and applicants apply directly to the opportunities for which they are qualified.

Click on the button to the right to download the application

Weekly Dance Classes

Here at the Community Center we host dance classes for those parents that would like to see their children learn how to dance. Click the button to the right to go to their website or call them at (530) 241-7764 or (530) 275-9618

​Burney Beautification 

Other Programs

Sunday Worship by Calvary Chapel Burney Falls

Meeting here in the community Center On Sunday Mornings at 10:30 a.m. with ​Pastor Pat Nugent. Come join worship services  on Sunday mornings. There will be time for fellowship and study of the Word of God

​Burney Beautification began as a subcommittee of Burney Chamber of Commerce several years ago. The goal of the volunteer group was to identify areas along Main Street that would benefit from improvement. Over the years their work is evident and has dramatically improved the quality of life in our town.

In 2011, Tri County Community Network became the fiscal sponsor of Beautification. Our nonprofit status has allowed them to apply to grants and accept tax deductible donations. It has been our honor to provide this service. pe your paragraph here.

Weekday lunches (including home delivered) for Seniors by SSNP

Here at the Community Center the Shasta Senior Nutrition Program (SSNP) offers a nutritions noon meal Monday through Friday. Seniors age 60 and over qualify for meals regardless of income level.

Donations are suggested, but no senior will be turned away because of inability to pay. 

Meals on Wheels serves the communities of Burney, Johnson Park, Cassel, Macarthur, and Fall River

Mills. They serve/deliver about 100-120 meals per day, and average about 33 people per day in the

dining hall. Come and visit and enjoy some fellowship! Call Denise for more info at: (530) 335-4979 Also you can click on the link to the right to visit their website. They also have senior transportation Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. Serving Burney and Johnson Park